Living an active life is essential, and movement is the key. However, for individuals aged 65 and above, it is common to experience degenerative changes and physical impairments. But worry not, we are here to help!

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What Can You Expect During A Session?

Our physiotherapists can enhance your physical abilities and overall well-being through:

  • Enhancing your flexibility and strength
  • Training you in balance and coordination
  • Enhancing your leisure and functional activities
  • Emphasizing fall prevention
  • Remember, ageing should not be a hindrance to staying active!

Weekly Physiotherapy For Your Health

Physiotherapy can play a vital role in maintaining the health and well-being of elderly people. As we age, our bodies undergo changes that can lead to physical impairments and reduced mobility. Physiotherapy can help to improve flexibility, strength, balance, and coordination, which can ultimately enhance an elderly person’s ability to perform daily activities and maintain their independence.

Additionally, physiotherapists can provide weekly guidance on fall prevention techniques, which are crucial for seniors who are at a higher risk of falling. By working with a physiotherapist, elderly people can improve their overall quality of life and enjoy greater physical comfort and freedom.